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The Cow Counties Hoedown Association promotes Square Dancing, Round Dancing, Contra Dancing, Line Dancing, and Clog Dancing in the San Bernardino, Riverside and East Los Angeles Counties of Southern California, with emphasis on the activities of CCHA member clubs.

This site contains information on Square Dance Clubs, New Dancer classes in our region plus much more.  Navigate to your areas of interest by clicking on the buttons in the left margin

Getting Started in Square Dancing:

For those of you who may be interested in getting started in square dancing be sure to see our classes page, which lists the current dates and times for classes offered by the square dance clubs in the Cow Counties Hoedown Association.

The Cow Counties Hoedown Association is a member of the California Square Dance Council and the United Square Dancers of America.


CCHA Would like to welcome all of our new friends that have joined us... and those who have visited our Website. This Website is one of our "communication" centers for our clubs... and to provide information and invite interest in our area's dancing to people who aren't square dancing at this time and to dancers outside our area.

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Oct - Dec 2016